Ry, Ang & Woody.

Our little Vacation.. July 20, 2009

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We recently went back up to Tampa to visit family, check off some items on the wedding to-do list, and celebrate my 22nd birthday.  We got a lot done. Had an AWESOME birthday dinner at The Melting Pot with Susan, Dan and Ryan.  Had a second birthday dinner at Applebees with Rich & Ryan.  Went swimming with Olivia. Watched some pretty awesome fireworks at Channelside.  Went to Disney World for my birthday, for free.  Hired a photographer, a florist and a cake decorator.  I’d say we were pretty productive.

Here are a few photos from our trip…

7-14-09 004


Dog Beach!! June 16, 2009

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We finally went to check out the dog beach down in Bonita.  It was pretty cool, lots of dogs and people too.  Woody was just running around and kept finding shade to lay in.  After dipping him in the water he finally swam! His first time!!! It was for about 10 seconds the first time and 5 the second. We are pretty excited though!




Engagement Photos June 4, 2009

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Our photographer took over 600 shots but this is a preview of what we got.  We went to three different locations so this is nothing, stay tuunnneeeddd!!


Ang Ry 1Ang Ry 22248244970105187429wCxHvg_fs


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Here are three videos that were taken in tampa while we had our 5 day break.  Angela spots a UFO, I am having fun with Olivia, and everyone is the star in the very long  last video…….



Finally……… a new post

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Sorry we havent been updating this regularly, but here are some interesting pictures that we have taken since the last time we updated.  Some are from graduation, our 5 days off work in tampa, and of course some of Olivia too. Enjoy
Ryan after a boring graduation

Ryan after a boring graduation

Jackson playing with woody's bone

Jackson playing with woody's bone



Olivia in woody's cage.......Happy?

Olivia in woody's cage.......Happy?

Alyssa, Sierra, and Angela
Alyssa, Sierra, and Angela


Granny O

Granny O





Grilling chicken kabobs April 26, 2009

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We made chicken kabobs tonight for dinner. This was our second time using the gril and it was soooo good. These are before and after shots…yuummm


Take our Wedding Date poll!! April 14, 2009

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Go to this website and take the wedding date poll. We want to know what you think!!



Naples Zoo

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We have been talking about going for a while and we finally went last Friday. The leopard was AMAZING, and where we spent most of our time.


The Ring!!

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Here you go!!!


We are still trying to decide on a date. I will give you a little sneak peak though. We are between April and May 2010.

Maybe we should take a vote…that would solve our problem. Stay Tuned..haha!!


Engaged April 10, 2009

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I asked angela to marry me last night, and after excitement and kisses she asked if she had even said yes yet. Eventually she said yes, so it is now official!


Our Water Skiing Adventure March 20, 2009

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yes, that last one is Ryan…somewhere…


Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure

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Heres the recap of the race…


Susan G. Komen brunch March 11, 2009

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Last Sunday we went to a Susan G Komen brunch. It took place at the hyatt in Naples. The place was amazing, but I think they forgot to bring out the main course, either that or they thought we needed to go on a diet. The survivors received medels while guests had to wear pink leis. More pictures will be added soon.


FGCU Baseball March 5, 2009

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Angela and I were on campus using the ATM when we heard the announcer at the baseball game, so we decided to stop by for a little bit. It was very cold that night so we only stayed for 2 innings, but it was fun. Our first baseball game of the season, see pictures below.


Lately… February 24, 2009

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We went to the doggie park, relaxed on a private beach, locked the keys in the car,( or at least thought I did.). Woody watched some high school musical 3, webkinz was shut down for a long time. That was some bull. Theeennnnnn,Ryan got the drum for guitar hero world tour for his birthday and I met the chick fil-a cow at BBY!! Wooooo hooooo

That’s pretty much it.


Race for the Cure SWFL February 18, 2009

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Hey Everyone!

I sent this e-mail out to almost everyone.  For those of you that I don’t have an e-mail for or didn’t receive the one I sent. I am posting it on the blog for you to see.  If I don’t have your e-mail, I want it!! So e-mail me.  Angelaecramer@gmail.com

Anyway, this is the e-mail I sent.  If you can help at all it is greatly appreciated.  Love you all!


Every three minutes, a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer. It is time to put an end to this disease that affects hundreds and thousands of women and men in our country. Won’t you join me in making a difference in our community?

On March 14, 2009 I will be participating in the Komen Southwest Florida Race for the Cure® in Estero, FL with a great team of dedicated people. Join the fight by registering as part of our team or by supporting our efforts with a pledge contribution. The money raised through the Race will fund vital education, screening and treatment programs for the medically underserved and uninsured in our own community and support the national search for a cure.

We need your support! Every step counts!
I will be walking the 5k Fun Walk with family, friends and co-workers from Best Buy.  If you can’t make it, maybe you can make a contribution.  Thank you!!
The Easiest way to donate is to go to http://race.komenswfl.org/goto/bestbuy
Thanks a bunch,
Angela Cramer 🙂


Pure obsession February 17, 2009

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Enough said.


Driving range February 15, 2009

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We decided to test out angela’s new golf clubs I got her for valentines day. The range only took cash ( Which we didn’t have) but the high school kid behind the counter gave us a bucket of balls for free. Everything was going good until angela hit a ball so hard that the head of her club flew off.

Here are some shots we got while we were golfing.


Playtime February 12, 2009

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A few weeks ago when we went home we had this great idea to let Woody run on a lead in Ryan’s Dad’s backyard. Well, he wasn’t too into it so we just let him run.  Here are some pictures we took.  misc1-008misc1-010misc1-015misc1-017misc1-025misc1-0261


Let’s Go Blades!

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Here are some pictures from an Everblades game we went to about 3 weeks ago.  As you can see I’m really on top of uploading my pictures,  lol.  I think they ended up loosing…misc1-0401misc1-043misc1-045

As you can see, it was packed.

As you can see, it was packed.



SURPRISE!!!!! February 8, 2009

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Angela put together an awesome surprise birthday party yesterday. Dan, susan, and all three girls were there. Jacoby, jess, Aden, Ang, jess and my dad were also there….and don’t forget woody. I had no idea. We will upload a video and add more pics from angela’s camera a little later, but for now here are some pictures from my phone. Thanks everyone!

And here are the promised additions…



Bath time for the pup

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Woody was a little dirty from the dog park so we had to give him a bath. These are the pics I took.


All finished! February 5, 2009

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So I decided to make this cake today on a whim. Turned out a lot better than I thought it would. I chose polka dots because I thought they’d be the easiest. I made quite the mess!


Cake over dinner

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While I was on my dinner break, Ang decides she was going to bake a cake instead of making me some dinner, unbelievable!!

Anyway, here are some pictures I took while I was home. Ang will post her final product when she is done.


FGCU field trip February 4, 2009

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I’ll be adding pictures as I go.


Test 2 removal and redownload of app July 6, 2009

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Test post from iphone

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This is a test post to see where on our website it will actually go!